Accounting is at your fingertips with digital wallets

Maximize your world of finance and payment with hewallets


100% Safe - Stay Assured

We use all high-end and top-tech tools and features to keep our money and important data safe and secure.

Accounting at your fingertips

It gives you an easy and convenient way of accounting on all the platforms

Maximise your digital accounting

You don’t have to carry cash with you. Simply use hewallets to make transactions

Experience a new life with a digital wallet

It’s a new age wallet designed with high-end user interface and good performance

Dream more, spend more and save more

Get additional discounts and offers on every transaction you make through our wallet


You can manage everything in the app from paying/receiving to your contacts, bill payments
and pay credit card bills.



The Masterpiece of Digital Accounting

Pay using credit /debit card

You can use any credit, debit or prepaid card to make a transaction

Faster check-out process

The faster check-out process doesn’t let you wait for the process

Protect every purchase

We have an extra layer of security to secure your card and transactions

Access to exclusive offers

Avail all exclusive features, discounts and offers on every purchase

Easy to access all features

It’s UI allows you to begin your day-to-day transactions very easily

Easy and simple to recharge

Easy and simple to recharge

You can split the bill easily

It is an added advantage - You can split bills among your friends

Incentives and promotions

Share this application with others & get access to cashback offers

Quick transfer of funds

Its wallet function enables you to send and receive money quickly

Ensures timely payments

Its automatic payment facility carries your transaction electronically


Here are some of the screenshots where you can see how the app works and the interface that
makes this app a choice of many



Our customers say a lot about us. We have already been bringing a smile to the faces of the app
users. You can be the next. Download the app and join hands towards convenience transactions
using hewallets.

Awesome app! I have been using this app for more than 3 months. It’s amazing. Almost every time I get offers on utility bills and other payments.

Maichael Jackson

Ceo, Walrus Foundation

This is an OK OK app. Along with this, a split bill is an amazing feature that actually helped me in managing all my expenses when I was on a trip.

Nichole Cage

Ceo, Walrus Foundation

Download the app today

It is very easy to download the app. It is available for both Android and iOS app store. Visit there and simply search for the app “HeWallets”, download it. Sign-up using your phone number, email id and password. You are now good to go. Share with friends and relatives to earn rewards, discounts, amazing offers and attractive deals. Download Now…!!!

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