Easy accounting tools to make photographers life easy

Photography is a life of a dreamer. If you can think creative and know how you can make things out of it then welcome on board.

There are many ways, we as photographer can make a living, but most of the time we are all about doing luxurious thing. Our Camera is a greatest tool and our greatest accessory. But this is not only in our life’s. Just like anyone else we are also focused on making our lives better.

  • We also wash our clothes,
  • Do our dishes and
  • Catch on with our accounting business.

Though every one has their own preferences but I like to do my own accounting. Since I am photographer thus I like to keep a tap on my financials, and what better than using automated accounting tools.


You heard me right, there are many tools out their that work just like a Chartered accountant. The only difference here is that, a CA makes a dent in your pocket and these software’s comes with easy subscription plan and you only get charged yearly. And believe me they are very affordable.


Let me just break the suspense here and get straight to the point and discuss some of the amazing tools to make your accounting easy and from where to ask for support, if you don’t know how to run. Here I will talk about some of the software’s available in the market in order of least best, with my favorite being on the top:

Wave Accounting:

Wave accounting though is good but it is not that great. Though as compared to other tools out their, wave accounting is really affordable. It is easy to use will limited options. And this is where the limitation comes. I mean if you are sitting out their to do your accounting then you don’t know which entry you may want to pass the next. But if a software like this will limit you and your accounting then may risk your accounting and your financials.

  • Customer support: This is where wave accounting lack. If you have purchased the software then you will be on your own. But still if you want to go with the program then you can contact them at:
  • Address: 235 Carlaw Ave, Suite 501 Toronto, ON, M4M 2S1
  • Community Support: If you are looking for more help then connect with your community support team


This is in no way an accounting software. But it is really essential if you are doing freelancing photography. Paypal makes making and receiving payments online a breeze. If you are running an accounting software then Paypal’s import and export feature really comes in handy, as you would only need to import that imported data into your software and there will be no need to manually re-write the whole thing from scratch.

  • Customer care: If you are looking for customer support for Paypal then reach out to them by clicking here.
  • Phone number: 1800 419 9833


Here comes the best. I totally adore this accounting program from Intuit. Its functionality and overall user experience is something that everyone talks about. It started out as a small business accounting management tool and now covers every single aspect of the company and its related sectors. Though the program is a bit costly but believe me it is really worth it. Try running their 14 day free trial and you will get to know all by yourself that if it is for you or not.

These are the tools that I am familiar with. If you know more then please answer that in the comment and I will be happy to update the list just for you.

Easy accounting tools to make photographers life easy

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