What is Hewallets.com?

It is an online digital payment app, which almost gives you all services like, recharge, bus, train tickets booking flight tickets, sending money to any bank account or to any mobile account. For more information just visit heWallets.Com imperdiet.

When it comes to data safety we work in that way that data never leaks by mistake also. We take customer privacy and data safety very seriously.

Once you are registered you will get your wallet number and password which will be sent to your email id or phone number

You can use your email id or phone number to create your user-id

Just go to forgot password, give the answers to security questions and about some personal details and a temporary password will be sent to your email, using which you can change the password.

Yes, although there is a limit for a day.

No, you can see the available methods on the dashboard

If you are transferring the amount from wallet to wallet it transfers instantly

You can do recharges, postpaid bill payment, train and bus tickets reservation, transfer the amount from one user to another user, etc.

No there are no extra charges for sending money to another wallet, but yes if you are transferring money from wallet to bank then it deducted some nominal charges.

If the amount is deducted but the transaction is not completed then please wait for 24 working hours, it will be automatically refunded to your wallet.

yes account creation is necessary so that if there is a cancellation or refund that can be refunded to your wallet as soon as possible.

Currently it is available in IOS, android and desktop and websites

Can I use my credit or debit card to top my wallet?

Yes but you should be registered with us and ekyc should be done

Identification is a KYC process based on local laws and regulations. You can choose any available methods.

An identified user has the below benefits:

  • Increased funds limit
  • Balance limit of 600000 Rs
  • Access to funds withdrawal
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