How to Fix an Expense Entry Made in QuickBooks?

How to Fix an Expense Entry Made in QuickBooks? If you looking to fix such an issue then you would need to ask for support. Otherwise you may even check out Our QuickBooks error support department. Occasionally, there may be some changes in billing info or it can be due to oversight, here, you need to keep proper check on expense entry QuickBooks. However, you won’t be allowed to edit existing entries in QuickBooks. Here, you need to remove entry that contains error while working on workaround and then enter the right data.

 List of Entry or Transaction in QuickBooks:

  • Customer Transaction: It documents all types of transaction and the user will receive all the items from the vendors.
  • Bills and Invoices: It represents all the bills of the vendors that you pay.
  • Credits and Checks: It helps you keep proper check on transactions, early repayment of vendors and customers.
  • Generic Types: It generally keep track on transaction that are generally not involved in transaction.
  • Other Transaction: It keeps track on estimates, purchase orders, pending invoices and assembly.

Follow the Steps to Fix an Expense Entry Made in QuickBooks:-

  • In, QuickBooks, to launch Journal Entry Window, select “Company” from the main menu and then select “Make Journal Entries” and then entry is launched.
  • In the top left corner of your monitor, click on “Back” or “Forward” arrow buttons to scroll. Now, find the Journal Entry and fix it.
  • Now, to fix the entry, click on it and then to reverse the entry, select “Reverse” In the main horizontal screen, you will see reverse button on the top of the screen.
  • Now, to create new entry, select “New”
  • Now, to make express entry, click on “Account” column and then select Accounts Payable account, and then, in Debit Column, enter the amount of the expense.
  • Now, to enter brief detail of transaction select“Memo” This will give you the explanation of reversal that you followed in step three.
  • Now, select the column “Name,” and then enter the party linked with the expense entry or vendor’s entry.
  • Now, to save entry, select “Save & Close” and then close the entry window “Make General Journal Entries.”
QuickBooks Rebuild data
QuickBooks Rebuild data

To Get Instant Assistance for QuickBooks:

To get instant assistance, we are readily available to provide you all support. Our technical experts are professionally sound who can help you in any time of need. Here is what you need to get in touch with us. Call us on 24/7 Customer Support Toll-Free Number +1-800-865-4183 send us your query and our team will revert you with genuine reply. You can also get in touch with us via Live Chat Support.

How to Fix an Expense Entry Made in QuickBooks?

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