How to Set up Direct Deposit in QuickBooks

How to set up direct deposit in QuickBooks

You have just unlocked or activated the Direct Deposit in your QuickBooks Desktop account. But don’t know how to set up direct deposit in QuickBooks; here you go with the solution and some additional information. It helps you to set up the direct deposit in your payroll account and also helps in editing and removing it.

In this, the Employees who want direct deposit fill the direct deposit authorization form and give the voided check of the bank account in which they need the direct deposit. These things are submitted to you in the form of records you need not enter them in your software.

The process to set up the direct deposit in QuickBooks

The steps are as follows:-

  1. In your QuickBooks account menu, click on the Employees
  2. Then from a further drop-down menu, select the Employees Center
  3. It opens up the list of Employees in front of you
  4. Now select the employee name and double-click on it
  5. Go to the tab Payroll info
  6. Then click on the button Direct Deposit
  7. In this window, click on the option Use Direct Deposit for (Name of the Employee)
  8. Select the account in which you want to deposit the paycheck
  9. Now provide the information about the employee’s bank
  10. If you select the 2 accounts for the deposit then mention the percentage or the amount employee want
  11. Then click on the OK button for saving the information
  12. When it asked for the PIN then enter the direct deposit PIN
  13. Now the deposit you do in this employee’s bank is the direct deposit.

For editing the direct deposit information of the employee

  1. The editing in the information is also done on the same place where the set up is done
  2. When a window pops-up, enter the direct deposit PIN in it
  3. The information can be edit before creating the paycheck for employee
  4. If you created it then delete and recreate them after updating information and before
    sending it to intuit
  5. You can also do the following steps:-
  1. Go to the Paycheck detail window after opening the paycheck
  2. Then remove the tick mark from the option Use Direct Deposit
  3. Select the Save and Close option
  4. Then after all this, open the paycheck again and tick mark the removed option that is Use direct deposit
  5. In the end, save it.

For Removing the Direct deposit

  1. Now if you want to remove the direct deposit that means you are not able to send the
  2. paychecks directly into the employee’s bank
  3. Click on the Employees menu and then click on the Employees Center
  4. Now select the employee name and double-click on it
  5. Click on the tab Payroll Information
  6. Then Click on Direct Deposit button
  7. Uncheck the box in front of Use Direct Deposit for: (Employee name).

How to contact us?

That is all! The setup and the additional information about the Direct deposit in QuickBooks. The solution is verified and checked as it is directly given by the support team so that you can do it on your own. You can also connect with the team directly through QuickBooks customer support helpline number 1800-396-1590 . The team is here 365 days a year to provide you answers for all your glitches that you are facing or the information you want to know.

How to Set up Direct Deposit in QuickBooks

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