How to Set up Payroll in QuickBooks 2020

How to set up payroll in QuickBooks 2020

In QuickBooks, users integrate payroll to handle all the wages, salaries, payments, etc easily. Using the payroll with QuickBooks users can easily track all the employee’s related information and other tax-related information also. It helps the user to handle the finance and accounting of the business comfortably.

If you are new to it or even an existing user and want to know how to set up payroll in QuickBooks 2020 then no worries. Below is the solution to do it easily and properly in less time. So, follow the solution to do it without having any issues.

Why do you require payroll in QuickBooks 2020?

Payroll is the easy way of managing everything like tax, employee’s salary, deposits, payments, etc. Before the setup, you must know all the basic information to fill it up. The information required is as follows:-

  • Information about the company
  • Employees
  • Benefits and Compensations
  • Prior Payrolls
  • Tax information
  • Liability information
  • Direct Deposits

How to set up payroll in QuickBooks 2020

In this, before doing the payroll setup, activate the payroll to get the service key, and then the setup is done. The payroll subscription renewal can be done automatically after completing the year and you get the notification prior to 30 days of deduction if in case you want to unsubscribe it or change the subscription then you can do it in that 30 days.

For activating the Payroll

Go to the Employees and then click on the Payroll

  1. Then select the Install payroll
  2. In the product information and the payroll license, provide all the information
  3. The license number and the service key is available in the folder in the directions
  4. Click on the Continue button after filling in all the information
  5. Now complete the fields in the Payroll Company legal section.

There in the ax filling the Federal EIN is mentioned:-

  • First of all, check the disclaimer that is provided in the billing information.
  • Click on Continue and then log in to your intuit account
  • Now select the Start Payroll button.

For entering the service key in the payroll

  • The email is sent to you after purchasing the payroll subscription
  • It includes the service key in it to activate the payroll services
  • Go to your QuickBooks Desktop account
  • Then in the Employees menu, select Payroll from the drop-down menu
  • In this, enter your service’s key by copying from your email and pasting over there
  • If you already have the subscription then it asks you to mention it over there
  • Otherwise, skip going to the window of service key
  • To add the existing file, click on the Add option
  • Now type the service key here
  • Click on Next and then press the Finish button.

For Payroll set up

  • In the QuickBooks Desktop 2020
  • Select the menu option Employees
  • Then select the Payroll set up from further options
  • Now follow the instruction of the setup wizard of the payroll
  • After set up, run the Payroll in your account
  • Provide the information of Employees and then it becomes automatic from now onwards.

How to get in touch with

Above, you get the best method to set up the payroll in QuickBooks 2020 correctly. For detailed information call the QuickBooks customer support phone number 1800-396-1590. All the information for your queries and issues is given to you as the team is available 24/7 hours. The members of the team are here only to assist you and provide you the solutions for all kinds of glitches that you are facing in your QuickBooks Desktop 2020 account. You can also get in touch with them via email or do a live chat with them.

How to Set up Payroll in QuickBooks 2020

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