How to set up QuickBooks

How to set up QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop uses double-entry accounting software that incorporates robust reporting and functionality to help every kind of business more efficiently track everyday operations to rapidly evolving technology. This is designed for organizations, who are managing their businesses with more complexity, usually with many users or locations, inventory-intensive workflows or large list sizes or transactions. You can also choose from available industry-specific editions that suit the most for your business needs.

  QuickBooks Desktop is unique and appropriate in many ways:

  • It gives you a clean look so that you can easily see all the graphic look of your business
  • In this software, you can find most of the things can be done automatically
  • It provides you a customizable dashboard and you can get everything in one place also provides you good control in order to arrange whenever you need it most
  • You can see the revenue, taxes, expenditures, receivables reports, accounts payable figures in a single place. 

Time-saving and highly enhanced features of QuickBooks

Talk about its features that are highly adaptable and appropriate for all kinds of businesses. Some of the features are mentioned below. Just have a look and make a decision accordingly.  

  • Gain real-time awareness of the invoice status to boost collections and keep on top of your cash flow
  • Creating purchase orders and monitoring backorders 
  • Monitoring prices and inventories for assembled goods 
  • Set product/service levels by customer segment 
  • Customize your inventory reports to get the right information for your company
  • Transfer credits through the job to clients, quickly and easily
  • Keep track of what you owe to the vendors, easily, from check to bill pay
  • Automatically send an alert for customer payment 
  • Reduces file size quickly and significantly without deleting data-with trust and ease on your own
  • Update or pass your QuickBooks file onto a new device
  • Bring versatility and insight to your company with newly customizable inventory reports
  • Save time with a searchable new account map 
  • Compare the performance of the company by one click on cash or accrual
  • Automated reports let you know that when you schedule them, your reports are on time and reliable based on the data given, automatically produced and emailed to you.

Easy step to set up QuickBooks 

The below-mentioned steps are pretty easy and relevant to set the software. You just need to perform the steps in the given sequence. 

Step1: Prepare and test your network

  • The very first, take a backup of your previous accounting system
  • Then choose an appropriate option to set up your network
  • Check the bandwidth of your network
  • After that check out the firewall and AV settings
  • Check the system requirements as well
  • Also, check the requirements for compatibility.

Step 2: Install QuickBooks Desktop 

Step 3: Set up sharing

  • Provide company file access
  • Then install QuickBooks Desktop software on all workstations
  • After that set up hosting for multi-user.

Step 4: Set up your company file and import your existing data

  • Initially, register the QuickBooks Desktop 
  • Then create a company file within the software
  • At last, scan the company files.

Step 5: Configure Enterprise to your business

  • In this step, you have set up QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 6: Create users as well as their roles.

How to get in touch?

Hopefully, you find this blog as more useful and informative so that you can easily make the right decision for your business. Also, the mentioned steps help you to set up the QuickBooks Desktop.Furthermore, if you want to explore more information than it is recommended you connect with QuickBooks support toll-free helpdesk number +1800-396-1590 . The team is available 24*7 to assist you and will be more than happy to advise anything related to QuickBooks.

How to set up QuickBooks

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