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Payroll schedules enable you to group employees having the same pay frequency in a way that helps make your payroll runs conveniently without any difficulties.

A payroll schedule defines the period after which you should run your payroll to pay your employees on their payday. You need to mention how often you pay your employees, which date their paycheck is due, and which day you run payroll. QuickBooks evaluates your upcoming payroll schedule so that you can pay your employees on time.

Does the user need to set up payroll schedules before start using QuickBooks Desktop?

The answer is No. Payroll schedules are optional in QuickBooks. You can select to preview the employee’s list, mark the ones whom you want to pay, and then create their paychecks.

It is an uncomplicated process to organize multiple pay frequencies using Pay Schedules.The Pay Employees window displays the next pay date and pay period for every pay schedule. Pay schedules make it easier to see when and which employees has to be paid.

f you are a Direct Deposit or QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted customer, the transmit lead times and bank holidays are adjusted in the Process Payroll on date and Check date.

What information does the user need to create payroll schedule?

Collect the information you need to enter scheduled payroll, including a list of your employee names, and their pay frequency. How often you pay your employees. Employees can also be grouped with reference to the pay frequency that can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly to determine what type of pay schedules you need to set up for your company.

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Set up payroll schedule in QuickBooks : Intuit

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